Create A New World

Because humanity’s future on Earth depends on it.

Change the game, change the world.
It’s amazing. When you invite people into a creative, productive, exciting New Space, encourage them with a compelling reason to color outside the lines, engage them in a clear line-of-sight to an amazing new future, unite them in common purpose, and empower them with a whole New Way to create the future they most deeply want, really amazing things happen.

Work gets done. Connections are made. Common ground grows. People realize we’re all in this together. Momentum builds. Hope returns. Things you thought were impossible become daily occurrences. Communities prosper. People prosper. The Earth prospers. The animals prosper. They all prosper in ways that make previous notions of prosperity pale in comparison. Before you know it, whole new ways of living and a whole New World emerges.

Old habits die easy.
We’re not just blowing smoke here. That’s a habit of the Old World we didn’t inherit. We’re talking about RESULTS. That’s what you’ll see here, in New World. It’s humanity’s front-row seat to the box-office hit, “Humanity’s Project: The Next Evolution,” where we see the New World emerge from the local world-building work.

No need for popcorn. We’re all actually the stars of the show! We said the New Way would be TRULY of the people, by the people, for the people and all Life, with the planet, and we meant it.
When the Creating the New World site is fully launched and people begin world-building, you’ll see the fruits of their labor here, in New World. Here’s where you’ll see what happens when people and communities everywhere join the party and create in common purpose, empowered—not squashed—by a common framework. Here, you can:
  • See Humanity’s Global Vision™ and hear humanity talking to itself for the very first time about how it TRULY wants to live. See the cohesive vision grow stronger as it builds from the cumulative work of local world-building workshops into a truly global vision.
  • Follow progress and participate in the project to create a global network of New World Communities that embody Humanity's Global Vision, as well as other projects you initiate during the workshops.
  • See cutting-edge versions of Humanity's Global Vision™ created by a whole system of Innovators from every sector when they envision their innovations working dynamically together in New World Communities.
  • See what each local world-building workshop produces and learn about concrete projects initiated along the way.
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What They're Saying

"Nancy goes to the heart of the fundamental choice we humans face individually and collectively. Through her, we discover and experience how limitless creativity is unleashed when we operate from the heart and tap into the universal energy and truth that will propel all of us to redesign, rewire, and co-create a New World our hearts already know is possible. A world of peace, abundance, joy, and freedom for all."

—Steven Lovink, Founder and CEO, Power of One and Planet 2025
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About Us

Creating the New World, Inc. is a Virginia-based non-profit organization established in 2009.

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Contact Info

P.O. Box 455, Rixeyville, VA 22737

Phone: (540) 937-4897

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