Experience A New Way

Because we can’t create the New World the same way we created the old one.

All Dressed Up with No Place to Go
Most of us know it’s time for change. We know it has to happen on a global scale, with all parts of the system working together. But, there’s been no precedent, no manual, no ACME World-Building Kit to consult, and no 24/7/365 technical support line to call.

Who would you call, anyway? That line is clearly out of service. You won’t find creating the New World in the mission statement of any of our existing institutions. It’s not in anyone’s job description.

Well, it’s in ours. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes assembling a concrete, viable way forward, complete with the all-important “how” part of the world-building equation.

The Missing Link
A big reason we’ve not yet moved past knowing change is necessary and beyond calling for it is because we haven’t known HOW to. When we don’t know how to move forward together, even the most inspiring calls to action can wither on the vine of our good intentions. Without a way to focus and leverage the energy created, it dissipates, leaving those who issued the call deflated, those who answered the call frustrated, those who ignored the call justified, and the vision for a brighter future unrealized.

That’s about to change.

Here, when the New Way of Creating the New World is fully launched, you’ll learn how we’ll create the New World together. Out on the terrace of this world-building launch party, closer to the real action, you can:
  • Introduce yourself to the components of the New Way—the message, structure, strategy, and mechanism for creating the New World from the ground up.
  • Get a clear line of sight from a world in crisis to an amazing new one. See how the Architecture for Creating the New World™ translates the huge vision of creating the New World into practical reality and empowers people and communities everywhere without prescribing or controlling.
  • Learn about how it all works. Discover how we, the people, can create the New World from the ground up, work locally, impact globally, and bring innovations of all kinds together as a cohesive, synergized whole and into the world on a global scale.
  • Become a world builder. What if you could participate in, host, facilitate, or sponsor a local world-building workshop that has a global impact? And, what if you had fun in the process? You can. Seriously.

What They're Saying


"Nancy offers humanity an honest approach to create our way out of the current evolutionary malaise. Her fresh outlook, integrity, and practicality shows an inspiring way forward for humankind.”

—Stacy Justice, CEO, Bluewater Restoration
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Creating the New World, Inc. is a Virginia-based non-profit organization established in 2009.

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