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If you've heard and read enough about the Old World's downward spiral and the need for us to create our way into a New World together, and simply want to start doing it, you're in the right place. Here's where you can find (and sign up to host) the world-building events that inspire and empower us to do the work of literally creating the New World.

If you're an innovator eager to bring your innovation to the world on a global scale, someone with an important piece of the New World puzzle wanting to be part of a coherent-yet-autonomous global action movement, or simply someone who feels frustrated and powerless in the face of the Old World's challenges, these events are places of inspiration and empowerment for you.

Join us for one of the events listed here or contact us to bring one to your group, organization, or community! 


Coherent World-Building: How to awaken, engage, and unite humanity to create the New World.

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Change Agents!  Are you ready to unite and mobilize to create the New World?
The Coherent World-Building workshop is an introduction for change agents and their communities to the Architecture for Creating the New World, a whole system design for a locally autonomous, globally coherent world-building movement in which regular people literally create a world that reflects our deepest truths and highest aspirations as human beings.
The workshop is perfect for change agents who:
  • Are ready to move into coherent, collaborative action to awaken, engage, and unite others to create the lives, communities, and world that can sustain and support a thriving new humanity.
  • Have ideas, solutions, resources, and networks for change, and who would benefit from an empowering framework to leverage their work in common purpose with others on the same path.
  • Feel powerless, frustrated, or overwhelmed in the face of the scale, scope, and complexity of our many global challenges, yet who still wish to empower themselves or their communities with a practical and viable way forward.
Upcoming Dates

August 3-5, 2012
Soda Springs, CA

August 18, 2012
Bay Area, CA

Check back soon for details.

August 11, 2012
Chico, CA

August 25, 2012
Los Angeles, CA

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Creating the New World 101: How ordinary people can create the world they TRULY want.

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This inspiring, interactive workshop introduces you to a concrete way to transform your life, community, and world all at the same time.

You’ll experience a unique meta-design specific enough to empower your own life, powerful enough to unite all of humanity in common purpose, foundational enough to address every systemic global crisis we face, practical enough to put the whole world to work on a project of unparalleled, profound importance, and solid enough to be a literal foundation upon which to build a fundamentally New World.

We’ll take a journey between worlds—the one we TRULY want and the one we don’t—and experience an inspiring, concrete way to bridge the gap.
Upcoming Dates

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World-Building Workshop™

The flagship weekend world-building workshop in which groups of 20-80 people directly experience that we have the reason, vision, power, and technology to create the New World, and literally begin creating it together using a common, holographic Creation Framework. The global rollout of this workshop is the grassroots vehicle for world-building, each one producing personal, local, and global alignment with our deepest truth and highest aspirations, concrete projects, plans for building physical New World Communities, a growing population of world-builders, and contributions to Humanity's Global Vision™.

Upcoming Dates

Schedule depends on YOU!  We only come to places where people want to be inspired and empowered to create the New World together. 

Host one in your community


Introduction to Creating the New World

Dip your toe in the waters of creating the New World. If you want to quickly find out how ordinary people can create the world we TRULY want, this webinar is for you. This 1.5 hour online experience presents a clear line of sight from a world in crisis and an amazing new one, and a way to get there together.  It presents the Anatomy of Creating the New World--what it is, how it works, and the principles and characteristics that make it capable of empowering people and organizations everywhere to work coherently toward a common goal.  

The webinar is useful for general audiences and for those considering hosting or becoming a facilitator for Creating the New World 101 workshops or the World-Building Workshop™.  It is also helpful for innovators, organizations, potential strategic partners, and communities considering their role in creating the New World.

Upcoming Dates and Webinar schedule TBA


Engagements of any length, dedicated to inspiring hope, collaboration, and action to create the New World as individuals, communities, nations, and as one human family.

Upcoming Dates Schedule TBA

The U.S. Harley Tour

A chick. A Hog. A mission. A New World. What's not to like? Our Founder, Nancy Polend, is a chick on a mission. She's taking this movement out on the road, on two wheels.

Communities Everywhere
Nancy's ready to get on the bike whenever folks come forward to help her make this tour happen!  Learn more and help her make it happen here.
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