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Beyond a Yellow Ribbon: Honoring Veterans Soul-to-Soul

As we honor veterans who have fought, suffered, and died over the long history of human warfare, I invite us into a deeper honoring.  I invite us to honor the deepest part of them with the deepest part of us.  Soul-to-soul.

This kind of honoring is different than traditional ways we have historically honored those whose genuine desire to serve the greater good compel them to put their lives on the line.   Work holidays, parades, flag-waving, and yellow ribbons are fine ways to honor their egos, but they are more than their egos.  They are magnificent human beings who have endured soul-level trauma in the name of service.  So, it’s only fitting to honor that deeper part of their beings in a language all souls understand—the language of love.

Soul-to-soul honoring comes from and goes to a place deeper than nationality, pride, politics, or patriotism.  It speaks from one human heart to another, where our common Source energy resides and where things that divide us do not.  This is the place where we all share a common humanity, unimpeded by the constructs our brains and our society use to separate us from our own true essence and each other.   

Because this sacred place is common to all human beings, soul-to-soul honoring speaks to all veterans on all sides of all wars.  Today, let’s hold all military personnel and their families in a deeper place in our hearts, no matter what side of the arbitrary dotted line between the ideas we call countries they’re on. 

After all, the pain, death, and destruction of war break all hearts equally.

I can’t speak for anyone else’s soul but my own (and words fail in the soul department, anyway). So, I will do my best to answer this invitation by way of my own soul-to-soul expression of honor.

Dear Veterans on All Sides of All Wars,
From the deepest place in me, I say to the deepest place in you:
I’m sorry. 

I’m sorry you’ve endured the suffering of war.

I cannot even fathom the suffering you've experienced. Underneath the physical and mental suffering is a soul-level pain that comes from learning, seeing, participating, and experiencing things that run counter to your true nature.

Your true nature is creative, not destructive.  You didn’t have to be taught how to create; you do so naturally because that’s what you were designed for.  You were not designed to kill. You had to be taught how.  That’s why when you’re creating, it feels so good and when you’re destroying or being destroyed, it feels so bad.  

Your true nature IS and therefore seeks only peace, abundance, joy, and freedom. Give yourself permission to go to the deepest part of yourself and ask: “What does my dream life look like?  What does it feel like?” And, “What am I doing in my dream life?”  Then ask, “What does my dream community and world look and feel like?”

Stay there long enough to really experience what it’s like.  When you go to that place where your soul resides, you won’t find what you’ve experienced in war because what you experienced in war does not exist in your heart.  A soul full of peace, abundance, joy, and freedom was deployed on a mission based in violence, scarcity, fear, and oppression.

It's killing you. And, my heart is with you.

Being asked to see and do things that do not reflect who you truly are is why your brothers and sisters are committing suicide at unprecedented rates and why you experience lasting effects of your war experience as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Trauma, stress, and disorder are obvious signals that who you truly are and what you’re experiencing are in direct conflict with one another.  If the activities of war were aligned with your true nature, the lasting effects might be called Post Calming Relaxation Health instead.

Parts of you—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—didn’t come home with you. My heart grieves for your loss and is inspired by your tremendous capacity to heal and become whole again.

I’m sorry you’ve been lied to by those who sent you to war and that you courageously sacrificed it all for reasons you might not have if they’d not been kept from us. 
Too many lies have been told about why and how wars are initiated and sustained to inventory here.  You deserve to know.  If you are willing to die for a cause you believe in, at least do so for one that’s worthy of your sacrifice.  Do so for a cause that has not been fabricated by those who would profit politically or economically by the blood you and the men, women, and children on all sides are forced to shed.

Your admirable intention to serve your fellow human beings and the ideals of freedom that lie deep in your soul have been exploited and manipulated by those that hold the power to send you and all those you might harm to your deaths, but who do not themselves live by the very laws of the land you are sacrificing it all for.

This video by one of your own about the nature of his own suffering and the betrayal he feels speaks more powerfully than my words will ever be able to express: