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Curtain to Creation

My book, Out of the Giant Hairball: How Regular People Can Create a Whole New World, is coming along nicely.  I'm L O V I N G the writing process and super psyched about what the book is becoming!  Sadly, like the plants in my home, the blog has not been watered and has become a bit parched.

So, I'm dusting off a piece I wrote in April 2005 about how we each change the world every day, simply by being who we are.  It was inspired by a profound dream I had one night in which I was seeing how my own life--and the way I've walked it so far--changes the tapestry of life around me.  As I came out of the dream, I realized that what I'd experienced was true of everyone, which made it even more profound.  Enjoy...and recognize your power to change the world.

The present is a membrane of time, hanging like a curtain on the window to the future.  The window is encased in a wall that is neither visible nor physical and the curtain—this invisible membrane—is hung on a rod that is equally indiscernible.  Rather, they are together a vertical plane that simply begins at the ground and disappears into the sky.  The fabric of the curtain, though invisible, is woven with people, ideas, places, situations, objects, issues, skills, memories, learning—the stuff of life—and it hangs there, waiting for each of us to approach it on our journey.

As I approach and make contact with this invisible tapestry of the present and continue walking, the center clings to me, and the edges, woven with the seemingly unconnected things of life, begin to trail behind me.  As I continue moving forward toward the window of the future, the things woven in the outer edges of the tapestry of the present naturally begin converging; the plane of the present is being stretched by my forward movement and its edges are trailing and converging behind.  What is in my mind and in my heart as I walk—always—is the desire to leave behind a brighter and more beautiful tapestry than the one that clings to me now.

So, what I do with the things of life in the tapestry as I walk changes it; things that were unconnected, woven into the farther edges, are now connected, and in their connection become something entirely new.  Separate things that had individual meaning in their own positions on the tapestry are now woven together to form new meaning.  People who were strangers placed in various positions of the tapestry are now united, connected in some way, working toward a higher goal than they were before.

In this way, my forward movement through the present into the future is a creation process.  When my forward progress finally stretches the invisible curtain of the present to its breaking point, I pierce through it and continue on.  Nothing behind me is the same and therefore, nothing ahead of me is either.

Everyone approaches the curtain, passes through it, and continues on.  In this way, each of us leaves behind a world that is not the same as it was as we approached it.  Each of us has the opportunity to be a master weaver, to change things, to create.  The ability to create is a given, it is something we were born to do.  Because this is true, we can either create a better world or create its destruction—it is our choice—and we each hold the keys to either of these choices.

The key to creating a better world is hard to find in the swirl of our separate earthly tapestries that we allow to crash into one another like tornadoes in our pursuit of individual ‘happiness'.  Swirling and scattered in the flying debris, the keys to creating a better world are elusive, but present, invisible, but real.  We must each find, grab hold of, and use our own key to unlock this creation, but we must first look in the right place for it.

The key cannot be found in the storm, in the brain, or in the physical world.  The key can only be found in the calm, in the heart, in the spirit.  I know which choice I have made and, for the sake of everyone everywhere, I pray that others will do the same.

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