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The Power of the Mother: The Creative Force that is Birthing a New World

Before the Big Bang, all was still.  Eons upon eons of a stillness so deep, nothing could penetrate it.  It was a stillness of pure, unrealized potential and infinite possibility.  So rich was this fertile space that it held the potential for all life.  There, resting in the stillness of the Universal womb, lay a creative force so magnificent, so powerful, and so precise that we who were created by it cannot fathom.

Eventually, all creative forces surpass the walls that contain them.  There comes a time when the gestating life within simply cannot be contained. There is simply too much energy, too much life, too much shear power for the walls of its vessel to hold.  Its unrealized potential must be set free to become realized. And so, at precisely the right moment, under the most perfect conditions, this creative force was unleashed in an explosion of Creation.  It was a birth of cosmic proportions.

So, too, is the life-giving, creative force of women. Women have been sitting quietly by, building this force inwardly, strategically waiting for just the perfect conditions to birth yet another new world.  After millions of years gestating within the stillness of the collective female body, this creative force can no longer be constrained.  It is far too powerful.  It has spent many generations behind the scenes of society, supporting, nurturing, biding its time until the world was truly ready for another grand birth.  That time is now, for the world built with mostly masculine energy is crumbling.

And so, like the perfectly timed birthing of the cosmos, the power and magnificence of this creative force must burst from the quiet womb-space of society into the external world.  Having gestated for so long in the internal home of the collective womb, it is about to birth a new world from the dust of the crumbling old one.

Designed for balancing, harnessing, and unifying energy and triggered by the lack of these in the external world, feminine energy is being called forth in order to sustain life on the planet.  Having allowed things to run their course—as mothers so patiently do with their adored children—She now knows it is time to intervene in love.  To once again, create life out of the void.  To replace division with unity, violence with peace, hatred with compassion, conflict with collaboration, intolerance with acceptance, fear with joy, and oppression with freedom.  She is being asked to transform the barren land of poverty into the fertile land of prosperity. She was created for this and so it shall be.

She was created for creation, and so it shall be that a new world is born—a Big Bang 2.0, if you will—propelled by the female creative force, which will permeate all sectors of our global society.  No longer cloaked by society, its conditioning, or its own sense of protection, this force is thrust out of its confines, illuminating the external world with a brilliance previously reserved for lighting only inner passages.  The light within now shining outward, showing the way. It will infuse government, education, health, economics, business, science, technology, the arts, faith, our families, organizations, communities, states, and nations, focusing the inhabitants of Earth on creation and away from destruction.  It will lovingly nurture the glorious diversity of life created in the cosmos toward collaboration to support life and away from conflict that destroys it.

With her body designed for creation and her psyche wired for collaboration, women are natural leaders in a world where issues that threaten all life on the planet cross sectors and can only be addressed by the collective.  Their experience as gatherers, nurturers, societal bridge-builders, and peacemakers has uniquely prepared them to leverage the whole for the good of all.  As they have throughout history, they see that the answers are not in any one person or place, but rather among them.  Millennia of bearing witness to the cumulative effect of independent action in our world thus far has crystallized the need for interdependent action that more accurately reflects the nature of our human existence.  All this experience has prepared women for precisely this time in his-story, when collaborative action is the only way to sustain human life on the planet. 

She was created for creation, and so it shall be that the power of the heart will guide us, just as every wisdom tradition has encouraged for the realization of heaven on Earth.  Having stayed connected to the inner depths of the heart, women know that the bridge from a world of poverty, violence, and polarization to one of abundance, peace, and unity at the societal level is simply the “horizontal” version of the same “vertical” path we as individuals take toward becoming our higher—and truer—selves.  It is the same bridge, turned on its side and involving all of humanity.

With millions of years’ experience in transforming the Self, women are uniquely positioned to demonstrate in a world desperately seeking meaning that each of us can only make a difference at the societal level to the extent we are transforming ourselves on the vertical path.  Having “sat inside” the heart, allowing its connection to the Source of all creation to guide them toward brighter expressions of life, women are experiencing the strength of their creative force completely outgrow the limited capacity of the mind-only creations that previously constrained them.

As a result, world-changing creations flow through the cracks in the mortar of the existing world.  As the intensity of this flow increases, it cannot help but produce a whole new world as the bricks and mortar of the old fall away. After all, creations produced from the brighter light of heart and mind can only outshine those produced exclusively with the mind.  And so it is that the creative feminine force will create the new world from the dust of the crumbling of the old one.

She was created for creation, and so it shall be that the oppression of his-story is starved from existence and remade with the unbridled freedom of her-story.  In 5,000 years of human history, Empires built with the destructive energy of violence, scarcity, fear, and oppression have all fallen.  They are built and they fall, as do all things false; all illusions fade.  There is an Empire falling now.  Unlike the fallen Empires of the past, this one holds the potential to take all of humanity with it into dust.  No longer is the death and destruction of Empire isolated to one region, one peoples, one local economy.  It is global.

Fortunately, the creative force of women, timed as perfectly as the creation of the Universe, will not allow humanity to choose to replace one false Empire with another, repeating the same dreadful pattern.  Rather, it will guide us to replace it with something true and therefore everlasting.  It is the same Truth that created the Universe—the creative force—and women will guide us toward it by being That.  In other words, by being the powerful Creators they have always been, women will create a world that supports life instead of tolerating one that destroys it.

With thousands of years’ experience in these matters, women will simply do collectively at a larger scale that which they’ve always done alone in countless smaller venues.  They will express outwardly the light they have always been internally. They will find their voice and that voice will be heard by those thirsty to hear the voice of hope and collaborative action.  No longer barren of the creation of life, the world’s governing, social, and business structures, its institutions and technologies, its fundamental way of Being, will forever be changed.  Women will bring the very force of Truth that created the Universe to the task of creating a New Earth, one that no longer reflects the distortion of the false.

She was created for creation, and so it shall be that the world becomes a clear reflection of the creative force itself.  Life-giving, diverse, beautiful, and loving, this force will reflect an Earth and all its inhabitants who have returned to the original peace, abundance, joy, and freedom with which they were created.  In perfectly-timed Creation fashion, the feminine creative force will emerge into full light from the deep stillness at precisely the right moment to begin this magnificent transformation.  Birthing life from the void once more, she has been created for this and so it shall be.

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