Creating the New World

Predict the future. Create it.


There’s a world inside us that is beautiful.  Call it “Goodwillville.”  It’s the world we see and feel when we go deep in our hearts and dream of what we truly want. It is a world of peace, abundance, joy, and freedom.  Some might call it Heaven. This world is in everyone’s heart because that’s where our fundamental Source energy resides.  When we label the components of this Love energy, peace, abundance, joy, and freedom are
as good as any to describe the indescribable. 

It is who we Truly are, and it is precious and sacred. Regardless of whether we are aware of it, it is in there deep inside the walls of protection we put up to keep it safe, and beyond the layers of distortion that show up as differences and put us at odds with one another. We have been protecting or ignoring this sacred world for so long, many of us have lost touch with it completely. Others haven’t even known it was there. Hence, we live in a world that reflects its opposite—violence, scarcity, fear, and oppression. In the creation of this world, we have in essence been denying, repressing, ignoring, or otherwise disconnecting from our own deepest Truth as human beings.

It is now time to create a world that reflects who we Truly are.  Because our continued life on Earth as a species now depends on it, this is no longer a utopian fantasy. It is a practical necessity.  It is not about creating a world on a vision some leader or group espouses. It is about creating a world on this vision we all hold, and therefore share.  It is not about conforming to someone else’s view of the world.  It is about connecting to our own deepest vision and making that vision come alive in the external world.  In other words, it is about creating an external world that reflects the True contents of our very own heart.  It is about bringing Heaven to Earth.

Creating this New World is possible. Imperative, actually.  With evidence swirling all around us that the false world created on the energies of violence, scarcity, fear, and oppression is crumbling because it can no longer sustain us, we now have the opportunity to create the True one.  Let us not recreate a world none of us wants and instead create the one all of us want.  Let us not create a world on a template of differences, but on the template of the One Vision we all share in the deepest reaches of our very own hearts.

When our great-grandchildren look back on this present time—provided we give them a world that they can actually look back from—they will know that we did something amazing.  They will know that we came together to carry out the most profound task human beings have ever faced—creating a fundamentally New World that could sustain human life and support a thriving new humanity.

They will know that they live in a world of peace, abundance, joy, and freedom for all because we—their grandparents—connected to our own deepest truth, aligned our thoughts, words, and deeds with it, and directed our energy and resources toward creating an external world that reflects it. They will see that we together built an external world on the foundation of our deepest Source energy and on the scaffolding of our own clear answers to questions about how we TRULY wanted to live, made possible by a universal template to empower The Work, brought forth by an ordinary gal.

And, because we did This Work, they will continue to build upon our legacy with an organic foundation and new capacity for perpetual conscious creation we ourselves brought into the evolutionary journey of humanity.  Because we succeeded, they will not only thrive, but they will know they have the power to create worlds.  Let it be so.

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