Creating the New World

Predict the future. Create it.

We Can Do This!

I hear resignation in the voices of many people about our prospects as a society to create our way out of this Giant Global Hairball we’re in.  Even in the voices of those working tirelessly to make a difference, there—just beneath the “change warrior’s” words—is an energy that conveys a sense of sorrow that their valiant efforts are simply not enough. Or, maybe it’s simply exhaustion.  Whatever it is, I hear it in the voices on the news, in Facebook posts, articles, blogs, and around my community.

In the faces of many others, I see a sense a hopelessness, often just beneath a veneer of anger or frustration, that conveys a sense that there is seemingly nothing we can do as regular folks to ensure a brighter future for ourselves and our world.

The energy of this collective despondency radiates along in the collective consciousness, impacting all of us.  It feeds on itself and seeps into our very cells. Before we know it, it becomes our reality and a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It feels like a collective heartache to me.  A deep one.

It's the kind of heartache that goes beyond worrying about the economy or the environment.  One that longs for peace, abundance, joy, and freedom, and yet feels powerless to achieve it amidst the sea of violence, scarcity, fear, and oppression. Our very souls are attuned to one frequency and our egos are tuned to another.  And, it’s killing us—individually and collectively.

Creating the New World is ultimately about resolving the difference between the two, and therefore, empowering us to create the world our souls envision and our bodies can actually survive in.  It is ultimately about ensuring the survival and evolution of the human species.  This is why I will not waver in My Work, despite my limitations as a quirky mechanic’s daughter in the face of such a ginormous task.  What could possibly be more important to me?   To anyone?

While I sometimes feel the deep collective heartache inside me, I know better.  I KNOW we can create the New World, despite what anyone might say. I know this because I’ve created a way for us to do this work together, and the very presence of such heartache tells me we are ready to do the work. All we really need is a way to get started, and that is what I’m offering.

We can do this. But only if we start. 

Sometimes, all we need to start a challenging task is some hope that it’s possible to succeed.  As a regular gal holding a ginormous vision amidst numerous limitations, I understand this as well as anyone. And so, I share with you the basis of my confidence that we can, in fact, do this, and that the Architecture for Creating the New World I’ve created can empower us to do it. 

The vision to awaken, engage, and unite humanity to literally create a world that reflects our deepest truths and highest aspirations as human beings may be ginormous, but creating such a world together—united in common purpose—is entirely possible.  Probable, even.

That’s the thing about “deepest truths and highest aspirations:” Once we’ve tapped into this fundamental level of human existence, we’re on the most powerful and vast common ground there is.  We’re working from a place that, because it is common to all, naturally magnetizes things together—people, ideas, resources, expertise, systems, structures, etc.—in a way that works, BECAUSE its source is shared by all.

This place holds enormous energy and tremendous power to unite us in common purpose.

This powerful energy and common ground is the foundation CtNW uses as the basis for world building.  I’m confident it can empower us to create our amazing New World together because there is no better or more solid a foundation to build it on than the fundamental humanity that lies beneath and beyond any of our differences.

The other thing about working from this fundamental place that makes creating such a world probable is that nothing we don’t truly want is there. Otherwise, it wouldn’t BE our deepest truth or highest aspiration. In other words, everything that exists in our lives, communities, and world that we don’t TRULY want is there because we haven’t been connected to, aligned with, and working from that powerful place. Instead, we’ve been working at the level of our surface-level personalities and differences, which by their nature, separate things—people, ideas, resources, expertise, systems, and structures.

This separation from our own deepest truths and highest aspirations is not only the reason our world’s systems don’t work and are therefore breaking down.  It is the source of every single individual and systemic global crisis we face.  Whether we are talking about personal or planetary crises, these crises are merely the symptoms of this deeper issue. 

Let’s test this:  Does your deepest truth and highest aspiration for your life, community, and world include poverty, war, violence, oppression, hunger, devastation of the earth, pollution, disease, etc.?

So, if we were TRULY aligned with our deepest truths and highest aspirations—individually and collectively—none of these things would exist. Since they do, we can only conclude that we are not aligned with our very own truth.  If we were, our lives, communities, and world would be abundant, thriving, peaceful, beautiful, and healthy, just like our deepest truth sees it. If we were aligned and working toward that vision individually and collectively, our differences could then be seen as valuable resources for achieving it, rather than as obstacles or sources of conflict.

This separation from our own core truth is also one reason “solutions” that focus on the symptoms mentioned above have not gained traction or resolved the challenge they wish to address, despite the enormous passion, energy, and resources that have been tirelessly invested by throngs of beautiful, courageous people. The symptoms may be easier to see and measure, but the deeper issue underneath the symptoms is what keeps us from having much progress to measure in the first place.

To solve our systemic problems, we can't focus on them.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but if we want to address things like poverty, war, environmental degradation, famine, hunger, oppression, disease, etc. we’re going to have to go deeper, to the source of all of them, and create from a fundamentally different space, in a fundamentally different way—together as a whole human system. That’s what CtNW offers.

So yes, the vision is enormous. And I’m just a regular gal. I have no political agenda, no religious dogma, no personal wealth or offshore bank account, and no scheme to get rich, create dependency, or hurt anybody. But, what I do have is an Architecture that empowers us to create a world that reflects our deepest truths and highest aspirations together. Built like Nature, it provides enough structure to empower infinite, coherent, autonomous creation, but not enough to choke it off or dictate how things “should” be.

I am inviting you, holders of the vision, heroes of the Hero’s Journey, to begin this task with me.  I’m not talking about getting on board with some vision a politician, guru, CEO, or expert puts in front of you.  I’m not talking about complying with someone else’s wishes or becoming robots in some totalitarian state. I’m not even talking about embracing my vision.

I’m talking about embracing—REALLY embracing—yours!  I’m talking about connecting to, aligning with, and acting from your own deepest truth, along with many others, to create a world that reflects the contents of your very own heart.

This can only happen by direct experience, face-to-face and together, at least at first.  This is one reason I have not yet published the Architecture and all that it represents (though I am writing a book), and have instead encouraged people to host introductory workshops to get things started. 

I am occasionally criticized for not putting the “whole plan” on the web site.  I understand this; in a world of justified mistrust of those with hidden agendas, people naturally want to know what and who is behind the offering. People understandably want details that give a sense of security in a sea of uncertainty. 

But, aside from the fact that my resources ran out before I could implement the next phase of the web site, there is simply nothing I could write that would give people the experience of creating the New World absent the experience itself, which happens via the world-building workshops.

No 5-point plan, slick graphic, inspiring video, or compelling manifesto we read in the comfort of our homes can create a world any more than reading a book about sex creates a baby or a map of Mt. Everest creates the experience of climbing it. 

To bring new life into the world, we must work together, in love, through direct experience. The same is true to bring the New World to Life. We may have a mountain to climb, but we are climbing it together.

I hope to see you at a workshop soon, or talk with you about bringing one to your community.

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