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Catching Up With Destiny

There are certain milestones in life that feel like we’re turning a page in our life story. These are numerous and seamless continuations of our unfolding life, where we simply flip to a fresh page of life experience without pause or reflection.  Other milestones feel more like we’re starting a new chapter, where we pause on the blank page between chapters long enough to recognize that one thread of experience has ended and another is beginning.  

These milestones are the signposts of life that mark the journey of a human being. They are important, sometimes wonderful, frequently dramatic, and often even traumatic.  We can rewind them and play them forward to see just how we made our linear journey through our physical lives. They all add up to create the story of what we think of as our life, even if the story never does justice to our actual experience or fully captures who we are.

And then there’s the kind of milestone I’m now experiencing. It’s a milestone of destiny that marks the journey of a soul.

Let me see if I can unpack this…

The Milestone
This past weekend, my oldest son got married.  Two weeks before that, my youngest son went off to college.  I’m fresh out of kids, so I’m now experiencing the Empty Nest milestone.  On the surface, it looks a typical, garden-variety Empty Nest milestone many people experience.

But, for me, it’s more than that.  For me, it’s all about catching up—in linear time and in physical space—with my destiny, which has to do with the timeless and formless aspects of who I am and what I came to do in this life.

This particular milestone is a signpost I’ve been specifically watching for. On a level deeper than time, space, and my physical senses, I’ve already seen this milestone and I already know it as significant to my soul’s journey.  In fact, it feels so familiar now that it’s actually here that it feels like I put it there as a landmark to remind me that it’s time to do My Work.  It’s like a severe case of déjà vu, made possible by three specific “decisions” I made 37, 25, and five years ago, respectively.

Let’s go back in time and pick up those threads. Then, we’ll head forward, back to now, at the point of “catching up” with my destiny.

Destiny Thread #1:  “I want to make a difference.”
I’ve been waiting for this Empty Nest milestone to arrive since I was nine years old, long before I even knew what “empty nest” meant. That’s when I first remember anything that resembled a destiny-laden life choice. That’s when I became aware of a burning desire to “make a difference.” I had no idea what that meant, and I didn’t spend any time or energy trying to figure it out.  At nine, I didn’t understand it as a “life choice,” nor did I have aspirations to change the world.  I was more concerned with riding my unicycle, waterskiing, and whether the cute boy in my class liked me.  This strong preference to make a difference was simply a part of me, like my freckles, pigtails, and vivid imagination.

I never thought about it consciously, but looking back, I remember many times over the years that I chose to do one thing over another simply because it felt like it was making more of a difference than the other choice would have.  Like a magnet, my desire to make a difference had a certain energy to it that attracted some choices to me and repelled me from others.  

It was sort of an energetic imprint inside me—like a musical note—that, while I didn’t realize it consciously, gave me something to harmonize my external life with. When I made choices that resonated with that energy, it felt great. When I made choices that didn’t resonate with it, it felt horrible (and usually didn’t work out well).  After a while, this practice gained momentum and eventually became a strong guiding force in my life.  Over time, I’ve quit and started jobs (careers, even), ended and started relationships, and worked on and bailed from projects based on this preference, even when it wasn’t popular or financially rewarding.

Destiny Thread #2:  “Have children young.”
Fast-forward 12 years. At age 21, shortly after I was married, I experienced a very clear knowing that I needed to have children while I was young.  I didn’t know why.  I simply had a strong sense that there was “something” I was to do at a “certain time” and that I needed my kids to be out on their own while I was still young myself so that I could do it.  It was a very clear and purposeful choice, even if it lacked the details about what that “something” was. Again, I experienced this “decision” more as an energy than an intellectual decision-making exercise. Looking back, I now know it was the first conscious choice I made about my life path, even if I had no idea why.

Now, step into the more recent past with me, where this Empty Nest milestone marks the catching up point with my destiny.

Destiny Thread #3:  “Time to get busy.”
Five years ago, when my kids were 17 and 14, guided by my desire to “make a difference,” I walked away from my career in Systems Change to do that “something.”  At this point, I still didn’t have the details about what that “something” was.  I could see the outlines of it, so to speak, but again, it was more of an energy than a mental understanding. 

Since that time, I’ve been busy working it through, translating the formless into form, the energy into understanding, and the understanding into words, pictures, and activities.  I’ve been essentially birthing into physical reality what had been residing inside me all this time; it was this energy I’d been following all along.  As someone who has brought two children into the world, trust me when I say birthing Creating the New World has been (and still is) just as intense. 

Now:  Creating the New World
As you know from previous posts and this whole web site, the result of this journey through destiny (so far) is Creating the New World.  I have now assembled a concrete, viable way to awaken, engage, and unite humanity to literally create a world that reflects our deepest truths and highest aspirations—a way forward, so to speak.

It goes without saying that I feel it will indeed “make a difference,” just as I felt 37 years ago. Not a moment too soon, from the looks of things.  And, interestingly enough, this particular baby arrived just as the others were leaving the nest, precisely as I’d felt it would 25 years ago.  Déjà vu, big time.

Dope-De-Doh-ing Along the Destiny Path
As is obvious through this story, I didn’t aspire to do this on conscious level. I never answered the question about what I wanted to do when I grew up with, “I want to create a way to create a whole New World that will ensure the survival and evolution of the human species.”  I mean, who in their right mind would take THAT on?  And, who in their right mind would believe the person who said they had?  That’s just crazy, right?

In fact, I didn’t even realize that’s what I was doing even as I was doing it! I didn’t wake up one day and say, “Gee, I think I’ll quit my job, drain my savings and retirement, and assemble a way for us to create a whole New World together so that we can evolve as a species.”  All I know is that I became consumed with a task that felt hugely important and I ended up with a whole Architecture for Creating the New World.

The Path to the New World is Brightly Lit
Clearly, I’m not driving this bus, so to speak. If I was, I’m sure I would have wrecked it by now.  There is something else—something far more powerful, loving, intelligent, than I am (not to mention, impeccably timed)—propelling me forward.  I can only conclude that, because I’ve been guided to assemble what I’ve now assembled, that this Intelligent, Powerful, Loving guiding force wants humanity to create a world that reflects It.

I know there are many more "destiny points" along my path and many more steps to take toward them.  The Work is just beginning.  All I’ve done is follow the energy.  In truth, that’s all there is for any of us to do.  So, I say to you, follow the energy you feel deep inside, bring it outside of you, and let’s create a world with it.  If you do, not only will you be catching up with your destiny, but so will humanity.     
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