Creating the New World

Predict the future. Create it.

Walk With Me Out of the Giant Hairball

We, the people of the world, can resolve every personal and planetary crisis we face, and create a world that no longer produces them. 

We can create lives, communities, and a world that reflect our deepest truths and highest aspirations as human beings—one that is economically viable, ecologically flourishing, naturally sustainable, wholly fulfilling, and truly just.  For everyone.  We can purposefully design the new systems and structures to replace the ones currently crumbling under the weight of their own dysfunction and support us in this new, vibrant reality.  In other words, we can create a whole new, thriving world.

We can do all this, not go insane, and even have fun in the process. 

I’m writing a book to show us how and to empower us to do it.  No, really.  I am.  And it does.  There's just one problem.

Books sit on shelves.  PEOPLE create.  

And so, I'm empowering you right now to join me in its creation and launch.  Because, well, the book is all about how WE, the people create our New World, not ME, the author (like any one of us could do it alone anyway).  Its whole purpose is to initiate and support a coherent, grassroots, community-based world-building movement.  So, we're starting right here in the fertile, subterranean soil of a simple blog post.  Fertile, minus the manure.  Minty fresh, even.

Should you choose to engage, we'll be doing three simple, powerful things right here from the comfort of this very blog that I know in every quantum wave and particle of my being could not only change the world, but create one.

The first empowering thing you need to know as you consider your options for the next 15 minutes or so is that what I'm inviting you to create and launch with me isn’t your typical book—it actually has us doing the work of world-building, seeing the results of our work, and manifesting our New World as we engage with it (more on that later).  As its author, I want it to start walking its talk right off the get-go.  As in, before it’s even published.  Now, even. 

Now is a Really Good Time to Get Started.  
Now is always a good time to start creating our New World, especially when the old one is so quickly falling in on itself.  It may take 15 minutes to save on your car insurance, but wouldn't you rather start ensuring the survival and thriving future of humanity instead?

And so, the three simple, important, and—dare I say—fun things we'll do here will help get OUR book out sooner, stronger, and stunninger (is stunninger a word?  Is now.)   It’ll also make you an official world-builder, which—again—is the whole point.  We’re the ones that will make this world-building movement happen.  Or not.  I may be offering a viable way we can do the work, but if no one shows up, it’s about as useful as holding the plug for your computer in your hand—doesn’t do much.  But when you plug it in…Oh, the things you can do with it!

Becoming a world-builder now to help get the book out sooner and stronger (and yes, stunninger) is something that I think your grandchildren will thank you for.  It may even give their grandchildren a world that’s viable enough to even be born into in the first place.  You can save on your car insurance later.  When we're all still alive and thriving enough to be driving in the first place.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Simple Step.

Tripping and falling is optional. 

Creating our New World is about as epic as any Hero’s Journey can get.  Of course, every epic begins with just one, simple step.  Otherwise, we sit frozen, dear-in-headlights, unable to move in the face of its enormity.  And so, your mission, if you choose to accept it, involves reading a little taste of what's to come in the book, looking at some pretty pictures, and weighing in on some things with a few clicks.  Your Return on Investment will be exponential. 

Your mission:
  • Help choose the cover of the book.
  • Weigh in on a no-risk, win-win-win-win pre-order strategy that starts creating our New World before the book is even published.
  • Share this blog post to invite and engage fellow world-builders.
I’m going to give you all the info you need to determine whether and how you fly this mission.  A big part of creating our New World is knowing what we’re doing, where we’re going, and why we’re doing it (go figure), so we may as well start now.  You'll be a much better cover-picker and strategy consultant when you know a bit about our little endeavor here.

Get Oil Changed, Buy Milk, and Create a Whole New World.

I realize creating a whole New World may not be on your list of things to do today, so first allow me to gently pencil it in for you before I just as gently put you to work.  By the way, a good portion of the writing below is borrowed heavily from the book.  So, you’re getting a little taste for what you’re being invited to help bring into the world.

You may not have creating a whole New World on your to-do list, but if you’re breathing, you know one is needed.  The news and real-life impacts from a world gone mad blasts into our lives 24/7/365, so it’s pretty hard to miss.  With one crisis after the other building rapidly into a tangled mess, the mountain of political, economic, social, and environmental crises grows bigger, more stressful, and increasingly deadly every day.

I’m sure there’s an official, academic term for the situation we’re in as a global society.  I call it the Giant Hairball.  I call it that because no matter what specific issue we’re trying to address (or arguing about), it always leads back to another one—or twenty—and each of those involves other systems and structures that are themselves tangled in their own Hairball.  What’s more, these Hairballs are all feeding off one another, multiplying, and creating whole new ones as one dynamic, metastasizing system. 

Approaching this interconnected tangle of issues individually, as we have been, is like a perpetual game of amusement park Whack-A-Mole.  We smack at each crisis as it pops up with the very tools that created them, only to find it and several others pop up in rapid succession in other areas. Expecting anything less than a coherent whole-system, all hands-on-deck approach to get us out of it is unrealistic, not to mention exhausting.  Expensive, too.  We’re spending gargantuan amounts of time, money, and energy in Whack-A-Mole mode when the reality of the Hairball simply can’t be untangled that way.  If it could, the Hairball would be gone or going instead of here and growing.

Those we’ve placed in leadership positions clearly have no idea what to do about it.  Societal systems and structures we’ve always relied upon to support our lives now contribute to the crises more than they resolve them, and create more than they prevent.

Who You Gonna Call?

How'd we get into the ginormous mess?  And, who's going to get us out of it?  Regular folks point to our leaders and our leaders point at each other and back at us.  The rich point to the poor.  The poor point to the rich.  One religion points to another.  Those not associated with formal religion point to those who are, and then they point back.  One culture or nationality points to another and the other points back.  Old folks point to the young folks and the young point back.  Citizens point to the cops, and the cops point (and shoot) back.

The people point to the corporations.  The corporations point back.  The government, which is increasingly controlled (read: bought) by the corporations, identifies corporations AS people, with tangling our pointed fingers in their own knotted hairball.  And on and on.  It’s a veritable pointing epidemic.  We don’t even know who we’re really pointing at anymore, but we know we’re pointing at someone.  Because, of course, we’re all blameless in our own minds.  Surely, we have nothing to do with any of this mess.  It’s clearly THEM. 

If we could see all the pointing that’s going on from space, we’d see humanity pointing to itself, saying, “It’s your fault.  DO something!”  We are, in a very real sense, calling ourselves to action. 

Meanwhile, we suffer.  While we’ve been busy playing Whack-A-Mole and finger pointing, we’ve managed to wander into a treacherous territory where killing ourselves, each other, and the planet our lives depend on is considered commonplace.  As a result, we’re losing our homes, our loved ones, our health, and our hope.  We run the Rat Race, while secretly wishing it would all just go away so we could live the lives we TRULY want instead.

Ask, and It is Given.

If what’s happening in the world is any indication, our wish is being granted.  Are the systems of our world not disintegrating right before our very eyes?  Is the whole-scale systemic breakdown, widespread suffering, and the prospect of extinction at our own hands not stopping us in our tracks and turning us inward toward what’s most important?  Be careful what you ask for.  You’re more powerful than you think.

The bottom line is that it’s time for humanity to answer its own call.  It’s time for us to go beyond the issues—which, as tragic as they are, are only symptoms of something deeper.  It’s time for us to go beneath our differences to the core of our common humanity, where the answers to this whole, tangled mess reside.  It’s time to ask ourselves—for the very first time in human history—who we truly are as a species and how we truly want to live, and then build our new world on the scaffolding of our answers.
This is why I created the Architecture for Creating Our New World™ and why I’m writing Out of the Giant Hairball:  How Regular People Can Create a Whole New World

Both creations are designed to empower us to do the deeper, broader work mentioned above.  And, this is why I’m asking you to join me.  Now, before the book is finished.  Together, we can ignite and empower a coherent global world-building movement—because we need one if we’re going to survive as a species, and there isn’t one occurring. 

Alrighty, Then.  Now What?

Is the idea of creating our New World somewhere on your list now?  We’re just about ready to get started.  As with most things, it takes longer to prepare to do something than it actually takes to do it.  Putting it on your list was an important step.  Next up is giving you some important information about the book itself so you’ll have the context you need to weigh in on the cover and on the strategy that really amps up this whole world-building shebang.  Then, the only thing left to do will be to make a few clicks and have your voice heard.

Let’s not talk about creating our New World.   Let’s do it.

The first thing you need to know is that while Out of the Giant Hairball looks like any other book on the surface, it’s totally different.  It’s got pages with words on them.  When it’s finished, it’ll be bound between two covers like any other book (which, by the way, you’re about to help choose).  But, that’s where the similarities end.

This book is not a static, inanimate object.  You don’t passively read it and then put it on a shelf.  It’s an active, dynamic, living vehicle for personal and planetary transformation—one that has us actually DOING the individual and collective work of creating our New World, and not just reading or theorizing about it.  It actually engages us in the work that starts manifesting our New World as we engage with it.  It’s like planetary on-the-job training, only without your tyrannical boss looking over your shoulder.

So, the book isn’t just a book, and its readers aren’t just readers.  They’re world-builders, like you’ll become even before you read the darned thing if you decide to fly this read-and-click-mission.  In it, we take an experiential journey between worlds—the current one in crisis and our amazing new one—doing a cohesive body of work that takes us from one to the other.  We’ll be doing work we’ve never done before, in a way we’ve never considered before, in a creative space we’ve never had before, on our way to a place we’ve never been before.  Other than that, everything’s exactly the same. 

But wait, there’s more.  Not only are we actually doing the work, but we’re also seeing our New World emerge as we go—the fruits of our labor, so to speak.  All to say, none of our traditional ways of thinking of about things—not even how we think about “book” really apply here.  Hence, why it’s engaging action before it’s even published.

Yeah, Right.  And Pigs Can Fly.

You’re probably wondering how this is all possible.  Either that, or you suspect that I’m on drugs, in the used car business, or in politics.  Same difference.  Nope, I’m completely sober and would never dream of blowing smoke up your ass. 

What makes this all possible—besides you, the built-in wholeness and action of the Architecture, the activities embedded in the book, and fun we have while we do the work—is that the book works in conjunction with an online World-Builders Portal.  The Portal is where, as we engage with the book, we’re translating our individual acts of page turning turn into collective acts of world-building.

I won’t go into detail about it here, because without the book and without those experiences, it won’t make much sense.  Plus, there's a chapter that covers what it's for and how it works in book.  Suffice it to say that the World-Builders’ Portal is so important to the Work that it’s like a popular credit card we know.  We can’t leave home without it.  It’ll help initiate our work and support us as we continue beyond the book.  It’ll be a place where we’ll continue to Awaken, Engage, Unite, Create, and Transform ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Time to Fly Your Mission.

Now that you know the spirit and basic characteristics of this creation and a few fairly compelling reasons to start creating our New World (not the least of which is the prospect of extinction), it’s time to get your clicker finger busy.  Time to help choose a cover, which brings the book into the world…wait for it…stunninger, and weigh in on an important strategy that brings all this into the world sooner and stronger. 

Your engagement here is a 3-for-1 bundle of goodness.  It helps me move forward with all this.  It embodies the dynamic, co-creative message of OUR book.  And, it reunites you with your power to create (y)our future, which is always better than waiting for others to do it for you.

This concludes your mission brief.   As you can see below, you only have a few days to fly this mission.  This tape will now self-destruct.

But, now is good.  Now is always good.

1.  Choose the Stunningest Cover Design.
Here, you'll head over to another web site to vote for and provide comments on five designs for the cover.   Besides giving the designs star ratings, please offer comments as well, to let me know why you like or don't like a design.  You can also say what elements you like or don't like within them.

Don't forget to come back.  You have more work to do!
(So much for not having a tyrannical boss looking over your shoulder, right?)

Click to vote for your favoriite design.
Click to vote on your favorite design.

2.  Weigh in on the Sooner, Stronger Pre-Order Strategy.
Here, you'll review a quick strategy brief and weigh in on it with a quick, 6-click survey (2 clicks if none of it appeals to you).
Click here to strategize.

3.  Share Widely.
All hands are needed on this deck.  Please share this blog post widely with your social and professional networks.   

There's a handy-dandy share tool at the top right of this post, right next to the headline for your sharing convenience.

The more people you and I can get to see and respond to this call for engagement, the more people we empower to claim their own role as world-builders.  The more folks who engage with these tasks, the more people we have helping us resource our World-Building Portal and create our New World. 

Thank You!

On behalf of our grandchildren, all future generations, the planet, and all life upon it, I hereby thank you for your service.  I look forward to walking out of the Giant Hairball and into our new, thriving world with you.  Onward!

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